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Tuesday, August 07, 2007

A letter from Georgina...and how she introduced her chipmunks

Georgina had previously adopted a female chipmunk and recently adopted another female as a companion. Here is the the letter she sent me and how she introduced them..... everything went really well.

Hi Patti

Just thought I'd let you know how the chipmunks are getting on. After collecting No. 2 (now named Scamp) on Friday, I kept her in the travelling cage for the rest of the day to allow her to leave her scent on it and to calm down. That night when both my existing chipmunk (named Skippy) and Scamp were asleep in their respective nest boxes, I very quietly sellotaped a piece of cardboard over the hole at the front of each nest box and swapped them over. The reason behind this was to allow the new chipmunk to check out the permanent cage. I kept the two apart for the whole of Saturday, but I put the two cages together so that they could smell each other through the wire, although when they did catch sight of each other they didn't seem too bothered.

Scamp decided that she didn't want to sleep in her nice new nest box, she chose the thatched house hanging from the top of the cage. After taking her time sorting out the bedding she finally climbed in and made herself comfortable, looking very sweet with her little face just peeping out through the hole in the front.

That night I had to wait until about 9.30 when they had gone to sleep and I then transferred Skippy, again with the cardboard covering the hole in the nest box so she couldn't escape, into the main cage. But she was too sharp for this deception. As soon as I put her nest box alongside the other one, she was wide awake and eager to get out and check out what was going on. I just hoped she wouldn't wake up Scamp and that they might end up fighting. But she started running round the cage and smelling everything. I turned the light out in the room in the hope that she would take the hint and go back in her nest box and sleep till morning.

I must admit I was quite concerned that when they woke up in the morning they might starting fighting. But, thankfully, I had none of that. When I went to check them out on Sunday morning they were both awake in the cage and doing their own thing. Occasionally when Skippy was running down one of the branches in the cage she would meet Scamp coming up and they just stopped and sniffed each other on the nose. They are now driving me nuts playing on the wheel you got me. I'll have to see if there's a way of silencing it, as they are on it non-stop. There must be lots of energy in all those nuts they eat, as I don't know how Skippy keeps going all day. She does this thing like Marmite, her Dad, of jumping from the top platform onto the wire on the opposite side, and jumping back onto the ladder. As she lands it bangs, and then she goes around again, and again, and again!! When Scamp was sitting at the edge of the top shelf yesterday it hindered her from this repetitive action, but she didn't fight with her. She just stopped short, and decided to run around elsewhere instead.

What was strange though was that last night Scamp chose Skippy's nest box as her own, and Skippy couldn't seem to rest. She just stayed running around the cage for longer - still awake at about 7 o'c. Eventually she must have been tired as I saw some movement in the sock you gave me. I had it hanging on the side of the cage packed with some shredded paper and white bedding. I think she probably stayed in there all night, but have no way of knowing. Anyway, this morning when I went in to check them out they were both awake and running around like normal.

So I'm glad to say the introduction went remarkably well, and I think they'll be living happily together for a long time.

So thank you again for supplying me with such very healthy young chipmunks, and it is obvious all the care you put into them when bringing up the babies. It has been good to come and meet you, your family and your animals.

No doubt we'll be in touch again.

Take care


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