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Chipmunk Breeder, Bristol England United Kingdom

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If you are interested in a baby chipmunk or have any other questions concerning chipmunks please feel free to leave a comment or to e mail me, It is essential that you aquire appropriate housing for your chipmunk before adoption. Chipmunks need a large cage or an aviary so that they can run, climb and jump. They also need their own nesting box to sleep in and feel safe. If you have any further questions about housing... just ask :o)

You can find detailed pictures at the bottom of my blog that show how to determine the sex of your chipmunk(s)

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Monday, October 22, 2007

Giving mum a break and Chai

I decided to re home Marmite because he wouldn't let Chippy have a rest. Chipmunks are supposed to have two litters a year, Chippy had four litters and the last one really got her down. I did decided to keep two girls from the last litter to keep her company and to keep for future breeding.

One of the girls has proven to be quite a character and has bonded w/ me. Every time I open the cage door she hops out onto my arm and climbs all over me. She loves to go up my sleeves and in my pockets if possible. She also likes to sit on top of my head because it is the highest point on my body. I read that they like to do that if you have a really friendly one like this one. I have named her Chai... after the Indian spiced milk tea that I like to drink. It just suited her and I like the sound of the word.

When I decide to breed Chai or her sister I will post an update. I think I need to wait until next year to do so and give them a chance to just be chipmunks for a while. I will be breeding her w/ my friends chipmunk, she has two agouti males.

Sunday, October 21, 2007