Chipmunk Breeder, Bristol England United Kingdom

Chipmunk Breeder, Bristol England United Kingdom

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If you are interested in a baby chipmunk or have any other questions concerning chipmunks please feel free to leave a comment or to e mail me, It is essential that you aquire appropriate housing for your chipmunk before adoption. Chipmunks need a large cage or an aviary so that they can run, climb and jump. They also need their own nesting box to sleep in and feel safe. If you have any further questions about housing... just ask :o)

You can find detailed pictures at the bottom of my blog that show how to determine the sex of your chipmunk(s)

Current Litter Information

one litter at the moment...
one dilute male
£60 each

Sorry but I don't ship to the USA or anywhere else in the world

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Saturday, May 22, 2010

still got a few babies left and ready for homes

Still got two boys and two girls
ready for homes now

please send an email to

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

mum and baby today

There are still babies looking for homes

I have two girls and a boy still looking for homes.... :0)

This is way too cute!!!

"Hi - I just found your website. I get a lot of children asking if they can have a chipmunk
as a pet. I'll tell them to move to the U.K.! I'm the author and photographer of "Chippy Chipmunk Parties in the Garden" which just won the Eric Hoffer Award for Best Children's Book. It is currently up for another 3 award nominations.
I thought you'd like to know about it since you are connected to a lot of chipmunk fans. It is based on the antics of the photogenic Eastern Chipmunk living in my garden. It is available from Amazon in the UK and Gazelle Books is also my UK Distributor. Here's a link to the

From one Chippy admirer to another,
~ Kathy M. Miller"

Monday, May 10, 2010

Deposits via paypal

From now on I am now going to request a deposit for chipmunks that have been reserved due to people cancelling their reservations. I work very hard to insure that I keep track of reservations and keep my end of the bargain. I will be setting up paypal for this .... thanks for understanding.