Chipmunk Breeder, Bristol England United Kingdom

Chipmunk Breeder, Bristol England United Kingdom

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If you are interested in a baby chipmunk or have any other questions concerning chipmunks please feel free to leave a comment or to e mail me, It is essential that you aquire appropriate housing for your chipmunk before adoption. Chipmunks need a large cage or an aviary so that they can run, climb and jump. They also need their own nesting box to sleep in and feel safe. If you have any further questions about housing... just ask :o)

You can find detailed pictures at the bottom of my blog that show how to determine the sex of your chipmunk(s)

Current Litter Information

one litter at the moment...
one dilute male
£60 each

Sorry but I don't ship to the USA or anywhere else in the world

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Sunday, March 21, 2010


Two babies died... from what I can tell it looks like they couldn't get milk... their little tumm tumms were empty :0(

Fingers crossed that my other female chippy is going to have a litter in a couple of weeks... fingers crossed!


Six beautiful babies were born yesterday morning... looks like at least 4 boys and 2 girls... but still really hard to tell when they are so young... the colours are not visible yet... but should be in a couple of days... I will take pics today if I can sneak some :0)

Friday, March 19, 2010

Any Day Now

Oh my!!! Mama chippy is going to pop any time now... I can't wait to see how many she has!!!

Saturday, March 06, 2010

yep...babies on the way

One of my chipmunks is going to have babies in about two weeks time...and I just put my other female in w/ the male yesterday.... so she should be having babies in about a month.... yippee!!