Chipmunk Breeder, Bristol England United Kingdom

Chipmunk Breeder, Bristol England United Kingdom

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If you are interested in a baby chipmunk or have any other questions concerning chipmunks please feel free to leave a comment or to e mail me, It is essential that you aquire appropriate housing for your chipmunk before adoption. Chipmunks need a large cage or an aviary so that they can run, climb and jump. They also need their own nesting box to sleep in and feel safe. If you have any further questions about housing... just ask :o)

You can find detailed pictures at the bottom of my blog that show how to determine the sex of your chipmunk(s)

Current Litter Information

one litter at the moment...
one dilute male
£60 each

Sorry but I don't ship to the USA or anywhere else in the world

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Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Still no babies :o(*

Hi everyone... I know you all are wanting babies as bad as I do...but my chipmunks don't see it that way unfortunately. Please keep coming back to check up on us.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

still no babies yet

But I have a few photos that were sent to me by other chipmunk people :o)

This is a really nice aviary that one of my chipmunk people
built for her babies that she got from me.

She has given me some really good ideas for how I want to build mine this summer.

These photos were sent to me from Italy!!!
Notice the fantastic squirrel tatt on her wrist??!!

This is one of her lovely chippies eating a strawberry.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Chipmunk Updates

A couple of months ago Julian (my wonderful adoring husband) got me a new male chipmunk. He is perfect and the girls have fallen head over heels for him. He is still young and isn't mature enough to produce any offspring as of yet but is keen to give it a try. I am optimistic that my chipmunks will have some babies this summer or in the fall. I will certainly make sure to post any updates of upcoming litters etc. I will be selling the babies for £40 each. I will let them go in pairs but same sex only so that they won't inbreed. All of them will have dilute and agouti blood lines as the Fathers of all the chipmunk were dilute and the mum's were agouti. This means that some of the babies could be dilute and some agouti and their offspring could be either as well.

They will be hand tamed just like the past litters to ensure that they will make great pets.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Adult Female

I haven't got any breeding plans for this year yet. I have too many females to be hones.... two of which I am very fond of and will never part with and one that I will consider selling to someone who wishes to breed them and has a male or will get a male at the same time. Chippies get very lonely if they are on their own.... especially if they are use to being w/ other chippies. This chippie is from my last litter so she is still very young.

email me if you are interested.